What is a Certified Athletic Trainer?

An Athletic Trainer (ATC) is a health care professional who meets the qualifications set by a state licensure and/or the Board of Certification, Inc. and practices under the direction of a physician. More than 70 percent of ATCs hold at least a master’s degree. 

The services provided by ATCs include prevention, emergency care, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions. ATCs prepare an athlete to return from injury with a focus on the specific demands their sport.

Our overseeing Physician is Dr. Bridgett Quinn from Children's Hospital Sports Medicine Program, and all Athlete's with Empowering Athletes are entitled to direct access to a physician at Children’s Hospital.

Value of an Athletic Trainer

Most private facilities do not have medical coverage available for their athletes. But most high schools and colleges have at least one ATC on staff.  High School ATC are often limited with time to give all athletes full rehabilitation service and cover sports. 

Sports can be very physically demanding. The demands of an athletes sport can cause chronic or acute injuries. An Athletic Trainer can manage a lot of these injuries with proper care.  Athletes need a balance of muscular strength, flexibility, neuromuscular balance, bone and joint integrity, aerobic power, and self-discipline.  

High-level athletes are required to pay constant attention to their diet, fitness and health. The repetitive practice of movements that require extreme flexibility, strength, and endurance make these athletes prime candidates for overuse injuries that can be either prevented or resolved.