Class Schedule 2022

Strength Training

Classes Start July 5th - Aug 26th

Summer Classes Schedule 

The focus of these classes are a full body workouts with a strong emphasis on technique and proper form. These classes are a great way to prevent injuries and learn new exercises. Includes strength (including lifts and teaching lifting techniques), cardio, and plyometrics.

Need five people per class to run. Sign-ups are needed!

Classes are recommended to be taken 2x -3x a week.

Starts  July 5th – August 26th

Middle School & High School

All Level (Athletes will be spilt in ability levels and age groups)

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 

Morning class is @ 10 am

Evening class is @ 5 pm

College Athlete Class – 

Monday & Wednesday @ 6:15pm

Adults Class

Monday @ 7:30 am

Evidence-based ACL Injury Prevention Program

Monday, Tuesday & Thursdays 8:45am-9:45am 

6 weeks starting July 11th- August 18th 

Pat Cordeiro MS, ATC, CSCS has been successfully training athletes with this program for 20+ years

Ages 12-16 year olds 

For any athlete who participates in a cutting and pivoting sport 

Minimum 2 days a week-3 days a week recommended for performance enhancement 

Training program includes:

Pre and Post Training Measurements

Dynamic warm-up

Plyometric training focusing on quality of movement

Strength and balance training

Stretching to improve flexibility and range of motion

Decrease risk of injury and increase vertical jump

$350.00 for all 6-weeks training sessions

Due to the nature of sports no one injury prevention program can prevent all injuries.  

Terms & Conditions


Payment for Athletic Training appointments and Classes are due at time of services.
24 hour notice of cancellation is required to avoid charges for sessions.
If you have any question or concerns please ask!
Look forward to seeing you soon.

Please use app or link on website to book ALL services, including Privates and Classes.





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