My teenage daughter, a competitive Irish dancer, suffered from chronic back pain. Back issues run in our family. She had a consultation with Jaimie who immediately noticed she had an anterior pelvic tilt putting pressure on her lumbar spine causing pain. Jaimie worked with my daughter teaching her stretching as well as strengthening exercises to move and hold her pelvis in the correct position. My daughter has been free of back pain since working with Jaimie. In addition, our medical insurance does not cover physical therapy. Jaimie’s services were less expensive, saving us money. My daughter’s dancing greatly improved after sessions with Jaimie. She recently qualified for the Irish dance World Championship for the first time. What I am most grateful for, though, is my daughter can live her life without back pain unlike her father and grandfather. Thank you Jaimie!

-- Julie 

Jaimie Doherty has been working with my daughter for 3+ years. Her training and rehabilitation techniques have enabled my daughter to work through foot, ankle, and calf injuries in preparation for major dance competitions and track meets. She understands dance mechanics like no other trainer or physical therapist we have encountered in 10+ years of dancing. Her knowledge of the mechanics allows her to develop targeted rehabilitation techniques and strength building exercises in preparation for resuming full activity. Jaime recently worked with my daughter on a training program that helped her achieve her goal of a 300 score on the Army ROTC physical exam, this achievement would not have been possible without Jaime's careful planning and encouragement.

Jaime is an athlete herself and understands both the physical aspects of injury and the mental side. She is reassuring, always positive, and understands the competitive mindset.

I am certain my daughter would not have achieved many goals over the years had it not been for Jaime's training and encouragement. I recommend her highly for individual and team sports alike, she is top notch and has a true passion for helping athletes achieve their goals.


Training with Empowering Athletes has given my daughter the competitive edge in her performance. Empowering Athletes identified her strengths and weaknesses and created a customized program addressing her specific needs. If you and your child are serious about their athletic performance you must work with Empowering Athletes!